Trade Shows Designed to Impact Your Audience Longer

Trade shows that engage audiences with imagination succeed with a lasting impression.


The best shows are the ones that take face-to-face marketing to the next level. They’re the shows that immerse you in the experience and give you something to take with you when you leave. The best shows are simply the ones your attendees cannot wait to attend again.

When you work with The Expo Group, we partner with you every step of the way – from show concept to post-show analytics – to create the most integrated, turn-key, and enhanced show experience your stakeholders have ever seen. Let’s create your plan together and take your shows to the next level.


Engagement is the lifeblood of any successful trade show.


Reimagining shows comes from understanding the behaviors of attendees and exhibitors. We focus on the transformation your audiences need.



Challenge the status quo and explore what’s possible when you provoke thoughts and actions in audiences. We continually challenge standards to bring forth experiences unlike any other.


From what the audiences experience, to how they interact and engage, we explore every detail to make sure it delivers the impact your audiences crave. We take a strategic measurable approach to experience design that makes them think, feel, do, keep, and share.


Imaginative experiences and great design are useless without the capability to produce results. We execute every element to wow you and your stakeholders.


Your interests matter, and your events can make a difference. We champion your big ideas and put measurements in place to learn and adjust, acting as a true partner every step of the way to continually optimize your returns.


Our technology platform Single Source® changed the game when The Expo Group burst on the scene 30 years ago. We continue to revolutionize the experience for our clients with new tools like ExpoSuite™ that make trade shows easier.


Harness our array of tools and digital engagement opportunities for an easier, richer planning experience. ExpoSuite™ includes the entire application suite: cyberservices, ExpoProof, YourSpace, ExpoCube and ShowOptimizer.











Explore ExpoSuite™

Integrated Analytics

With Expo1, you have a single platform to engage, capture, analyze and optimize attendee, exhibitor and sponsor experience, as well as resources to synthesize the data. A cognitive event utilizes data to learn who attendees really are and recommends for attendees experiences, connections, sessions and exhibits to explore.

Industry-First ShowOptimizer

The Expo Group’s ShowOptimizer application creates innovation opportunities for show managers seeking to grow revenue from attendance, exhibitors, sponsorship or education. We co-invest our dollars to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Service Goes Digital

Improving the attendee and exhibitor experience with high-level service initiatives is a hallmark of our company with our Single Source Solution® and now with The Expo Group EventBot. By answering questions within seconds, EventBot enables greater focus on more important and more complex human communications while reducing onsite labor requirements and generating sponsor revenue.


Our solution to helping you leverage technology to drive growth is ExpoSuite™ – a set of proprietary technology offerings that not only enhance the service experience but create immediate revenue opportunities.

ExpoSuite™ Services

Cloud-based tools to create satisfied and repeat exhibitors

Our cloud-based services tools create a superior exhibitor experience, resulting in more satisfied and repeat exhibitors:

  • CyberServices – Exhibitor-enabled ordering of everything an exhibitor needs
  • ExpoProof – Graphics management to speed production while maximizing quality
  • YourSpace – Pinterest-like sponsorship management to drive revenue
  • ExpoCube – our internal platform that manages it all
  • ShowOptimizer – our tool to help you more accurately plan your show investment needs


Take a look at what ExpoSuite™ can do.


Expo1™ helps you engage your audience before, during, and after the show with the right tools and tech, giving you answers and analytics throughout the entire exhibition.

The Expo1 Platform

Engage, Capture, Analyze, and Optimize

We’ve taken a best-of-breed management vs. proprietary solutions approach to providing an integrated platform to help you engage and manage your show effectively.

  • Audience Analytics
    • Complete data capture, reporting, analytics and recommendations to optimize
  • Audience Engagement
    • Digital Experiences that drive engagement including:
      • Personal Assistant – Event Bots
      • Touch Technology
      • Livestreaming
      • Wearables & Hearables
  • Audience Marketing
    • Innovative marketing technology solutions to drive more registrations and greater exhibitor and sponsor revenue


Watch the video to see the Expo1™ platform in action.


We design and execute face-to-face events from every aspect, including general session experiences, creative content and major productions.

Hardware On-Call

Projection Mapping & LED Skin Tech

Live Streaming &
On-Demand Video

Meaningful Content Creation

Technical Direction &
Production Management

Spotlight: Marketing Services

Your brand is your story, and must be compelling to all your audiences – attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, press – and easy for them to re-tell. Our focus is on strategic brand positioning and tactical messaging support that optimizes attendee analytics, engagement technology and data that can strengthen your story.

"The Expo Group has helped us provide a new experience for our attendees. The future looks bright and it’s through partners like The Expo Group that we will ultimately succeed in what we want to do."

– David Dancy, Director of Marketing, APWA

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