Booth tips to transform your trade show display into a real brand experience

Brand Visibility

When designing your unique trade show display, you want to consider how to maximize your brand visibility. A large hanging sign or overhead sign with your logo and tagline or just the logo is a smart way to maximize your brand visibility. Hanging signs are still very relevant, attractive, less expensive and can be seen from all corners of the trade show floor. Consider the difference a hanging sign can make to your trade show display.

Brand Ambassadors

The people who man your booth is your front line for that day. It is critical to have staff in the booth who are friendly, outgoing and have clear goals and proper coaching on engaging your audiences. All too much, you see booths with staff who are not engaging and not actively reaching out to the audience.

the expo group branded backpack, coffee cup, chargerEngaging Giveaways

If you have an engaging giveaway, you’ll end up seeing people who come back for more, sometimes even bringing friends. Some examples of engaging giveaways could include exclusive discounts, special offers or branded swag. Make sure your offers are visible, either in decals on booth walls, or by brand ambassadors actively handing them out. When you have an engaging giveaway, people will remember your brand.


Go Beyond the Booth

Your booth isn’t the only space in which to engage with people at the trade show. Have brand ambassadors walk around the show, handing out business cards and samples and talking with people about your brand to extend your reach at the trade show.

Get Social

Emphasize your physical presence at the trade show with online support. Social media can maximize your presence, as attendees will likely be hashtagging and geotagging posts, especially on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Engage with attendees online by liking and commenting on posts and use the relevant hashtags and locations in your own posts to your online community to keep them updated on the event. Invite people to your booth across your social media channels or offer special prizes and rewards to your network.


Product Display

An effective, stylish product display is important for making your booth the most memorable one. Limiting your offerings to your very best options like best sellers, new products, or key releases to maximum impact and to ensure no cluttering. Consider the use of lighting to draw attention to your best products, including spotlights, colored lighting, and uplighting.

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