green light packaging trade show booth

Rethinking the Booth from an Exhibitor Perspective

green light packaging trade show booth

Exhibiting in today’s evolving industry is not for the faint of heart. Telling your brand story now more than ever requires strategy, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Analyze both your goals and your physical onsite execution to determine what’s a go, what may need altering, and what may need to halt altogether.

Here are four ideas to help you strategize for next year and upgrade your overall exhibiting experience.


Maximize Space
Creating physical space within your booth gives you and your attendees room to move freely and interact in a more relaxed setting. Your furniture and equipment play a big role in creating your environment. Are you planning to have in-depth discussions with attendees? Maximizing space means ordering minimal but comfortable furniture or renting a meeting room. Keep in mind that reducing equipment or display materials can lessen the impact of your message so be careful not to trim too far.


Transform Your Design
Your brand should be prominent in your booth. Show your logo loud and proud but remember to keep text at a minimum. Use a simple statement that is unique and memorable to describe your business, utilizing graphic elements to make an impact on the show floor. Consider adding lights to help your logo pop or colorful graphics and accessories that match your brand story to draw people in.


Leverage Technology
Thanks to smartphones, the use of QR codes is on the rise. Providing a way for attendees to connect with your brand in their own time is essential. QR codes can also be used to deliver participants into an online experience that augments their real-life experience.

Many exhibitors use audio visual equipment to promote their message in an effective way. Live streaming video can make it even more exciting by supplementing the onsite knowledge with live videos from Subject Matter Experts back in their home offices.


Quality over Quantity
Lead quantity may have been the top measurement used to help compute your exhibit marketing ROI, but today the numbers now must push beyond that. Key Performance Indicators can include Connections Made, Length of Conversations, Title, and Purchasing Power of Visitors. Go even further to track KPIs for years to gain insight. Have interactions shortened sales cycles? Have you closed leads three years later? The data is all there, it must be harmonized together to tell the story of event success.

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