Five Priorities of an EFFICIENT EXHIBITOR

Branding, approachability, engagement, and presence – There are so many factors to consider when it comes to your booth. Is the design of your space most important to you or are you more worried about the logistics of exhibiting at multiple shows? It’s time to hit your stride when planning your exhibit by understanding these five priorities of an efficient exhibitor.


  1. Designing Your Booth

Don’t let your booth design be an afterthought. Being strategic about the look and feel of your booth in advance can save you time and energy during the planning process. Finalize your graphics, a/v equipment, and other services ahead of time so that you can spend the weeks leading up to the show focusing on what matters most. Knowing what you will need to outfit your booth can be cost effective too. In most cases there are discounted rates and advantages to ordering your services early.


  1. Building Your Booth

If it makes sense for you and your onsite staff, it may be time to consider having a dedicated team that helps you install and dismantle your booth. Generally, your options can include labor that is supervised by your team or labor that is managed fully by a contractor. If applicable, take advantage of the labor options provided by your General Service Contractor or hire an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor to build and tear down your booth so that you and your booth staff can attend those last-minute sessions.


  1. Coordinating Your Booth

Mapping out shipping and storage of your booth, while managing your assets, makes exhibiting a full-time job. Talk with your team and determine ahead of time what makes sense to store and what should be rented or purchased each time you exhibit.


Knowing your event’s shipping dates and move in deadlines is important to ensure your materials show up on time. In some cases, you can take advantage of the show’s official warehouse where you can store your materials in advance and allow the General Contractor to deliver your items to your booth before you arrive. Also, some shows offer a Carvan Service after the event which can be beneficial if you are heading straight to the next one.


  1. Leveraging Your Booth

If you’ve been a long-time exhibitor, traveling to many shows and conferences, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for exhibiting in the first place. Why is your company devoting time and resources into exhibiting? After meeting with key stakeholders, you can develop a plan of action and leverage your physical booth space in ways that online meetings just can’t.


A great way to get the most out of your space is by being selective with your giveaways. Rather than sending items solely for brand awareness, be strategic in what you’re handing out and when. Consider a higher value giveaway that is reserved for prospective clients, ready to do business. Prioritize updating your giveaway inventory to reflect today’s trends, while representing your brand in a positive light. Replace your pens and notepads with something more modern, like a portable charger or uniquely designed USB flash drive.


Sending the appropriate booth staff is another surefire way to leverage your booth. Advocate for team members that are comfortable at events and professional when put on the spot. Training your onsite team is always helpful, even for seasoned exhibitors.


  1. Managing Your Booth

Perhaps the most efficient route an exhibitor can take would be to hire a team that does it all. Allow your exhibit management team to collaborate with you to design your space, do the research, coordinate logistics, and manage your booth for you.


Investing in exhibiting program management gives you the freedom and flexibility to exhibit your way. Find a team that excels in Portfolio Planning and Audience Segmentation and works within your budget and objectives to structure a plan that works best for you and your team.


Be productive in your planning. These tasks can sometimes feel routine but prioritizing these crucial steps in organizing your booth can elevate your entire exhibiting experience.

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