Corporate and Hybrid events that ignite imagination.

How can your brand inspire and deliver unforgettable moments?  We architect corporate and hybrid events which deliver meaningful experiences that captivate and engage to form a lasting emotional bond.  Whether it is an in-person corporate event that includes a virtual component to allow global remote access or an online metaverse experience that helps you connect your community through a virtual world, we can deliver.


Our Approach is Different

Regardless of the complexity of your event, we apply a unique Innovation 360 process to ensure your goals are met while uncovering unique opportunities for rich storytelling.


Through our deep-dive process, we ask the right questions that help uncover unique experiential opportunities for your event that help you exceed your goals.


Together, we discover new ways of thinking, dreaming, and innovating then create the map to get there within your budget. Then, we bring your imagination to life through 2D & 3D renderings to help you visualize. 


Our teams get to work to bring the event to life with experts managing every aspect to perfection. 


The job is never complete until we learn from every facet of the event and discover possible ways to evolve it for even higher levels of success in the future.




We pulled out all the stops to deliver a recent DeFi industry event hosted by Blockworks.  It was an unforgettable gathering that rocked West Palm Beach!

Your event should never be boring.

All too often, Corporate events can end up becoming a dreaded event by employees.  Click below and learn 4 simple ideas to help keep your event attendees engaged and coming back for more.   


We can make your corporate event dreams a reality regardless of complexity. From standard events with a basic general session setting to multi-faceted events that include breakouts, demo and exhibit halls, trade show components, offsite entertainment events, purpose-build event structures and more.

Strategic experience & development design

From theme development and audience journey mapping to environmental design, we deliver immersive experiences that connect you with your community.

General sessions

We can bring your general session to life. We do the heavy lifting for production, staging, full A/V, speaker and entertainment acquisition, speech writing, presentation development and more.

Demos & expos

If your event requires demos or an exhibit space, we’ve got you covered. We can handle all details from registration and site services to traffic management, booth construction, food and beverage and more.

Entertainment & digital add-ons

Entertainment can be a centerpiece for a powerful brand experience.  We handle everything from venue research, selection and construction to talent procurement, ticketing, social media technology and more.

Post event support

Our support for your event doesn’t end when it’s over.  We provide event auditing, ROI measurement and analysis, attendee follow up review and deliver an event evolution report.

Digital content

From audio visual and interactive media programming to the metaverse, virtual reality and projection mapping, our A/V capabilities are as vast as your imagination. We can help you dream big and deliver the impossible.

Architects for connecting