centuries celebration by the expo group

We are Architects for connecting communities.

The Expo Group – An event and tradeshow General Service Contractor and exhibit company that delivers a more strategic, personalized approach.

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If you are looking for the perfect partner to manage all aspects of your event, exhibit, or tradeshow, look no further than The Expo Group. As Architects for connecting communities, we do so much more than just build shows – we offer a strategic partnership that helps you connect with your event and tradeshow attendees with personalized, emotional experiences.

We know that every event is different. That’s why we never force-fit your event with a template approach. We ask the right questions so that we fully understand your goals, your audience, and the variables that you use to define success.

  • We think about the persona of your community and what they want.
  • We think about the purpose of your event and what delivers value.
  • We think about the societal and economic environment that can impact your event.
  • When those and other variables are defined, we then help to finalize a strategy to ensure success. Only then, does the building stage begin.

We manage hundreds of events every year of practically every size and industry, from corporate to higher education companies. We partner with our clients to build trade show displays and booths, as well as manage and create personalized events.

Let’s talk about your next event and discover together how we can architect a new connection with your event community. Schedule a discussion.