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Introducing CROWDPulse

CROWDPulse is our unique, proprietary process that uses AI to find common threads among your show attendees.

When it comes to events and trade shows, it is more critical than ever that they provide a personalized, engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees. That’s why it is so important to truly understand what influences and ignites passion within your community.

With the use of AI, we can help capture real-time data and insights into your community and their culture to help you create an impactful, personalized experience. Our CROWDPulse approach targets a broad-sweeping range of your audience early in the event-planning process to uncover what drives and motivates them at their core.

We uncover the patterns and themes that connect your audience. We learn their personality and what speaks to them. Then we architect unique engagement areas, themes and event topics that will inspire them and have them coming back for more. The result is a trade show that your attendees will never forget.

CROWDPulse eliminates the guesswork out of your event-planning process to help us deliver a unique brand experience that elevates engagement to new heights.

Let us help you understand your community in ways you never thought possible.

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