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Boston University Presidential Event Series


New York, NY
San Francisco & Los Angeles, CA
West Palm Beach & Miami, FL
Boston, MA


Strategic Design
Creative Development
On-Site Logistics


Building Momentum.

With the help of Level5 Events, Boston University hosts a six-city series that reactivates its alumni base with an engaging experience.

The Partnership

Hoping to build momentum and engagement for their upcoming campaign, ensure continuity during a leadership transition, and inform alumni about their strategic plan, Boston University reached out to Level5 Events to design a road show for six cities across the U.S.

The Details

A Resonant Visual Identity

For Boston University’s presidential roadshow focused on rolling out BU’s strategic plan (BU 2030), Level5 worked to develop a series name, theme, and visual identity. Inspired by BU’s clear focus on the future and the momentum gained by looking forward, Level5 developed a theme graphic and color story that celebrated these sentiments.

Program Design

Level5 collected qualitative and quantitative data to drive their programmatic approach. The acquired knowledge helped guide BU in the creation of story-rich, TED-style messaging and colorful, playful areas of audience engagement. The décor, stage scenic, and Engagement Zones built by Level5 for this event celebrated the progress and growth of campus. Geometric shapes and frames reminiscent of scaffolding and BU’s new capital project created visual interest and presented something never-before-seen to the BU community. The multi-LED set added an element of surprise during the program.

Built to Travel

A modular design approach for event installations and scenic assets maximized the university’s return on investment and ensured adaptability across venues. Ultimately, these alumni events sparked new and reenergized connections, encouraging BU to add a second round of nationwide tour dates to the schedule.