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DISTRIBUTECH International 2024 brought on exciting challenges for The Expo Group’s creative and operations teams to collaborate on innovative, intentionally designed spaces for the client, Clarion.

Showcasing revolutionary technologies that power our homes and businesses, the event hosts educational sessions that drive energy efficiency and the industry forward.

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Proactive Collaboration

The Expo Group worked closely with Clarion and key stakeholders to understand their overall objectives for this year’s show and align on the overarching theme. Meeting at crucial moments of the planning process to closely identify what was important to them and how The Expo Group could achieve that, played a valuable role in the success of production onsite.

After analyzing 2023’s well designed yet distinctive areas on the show floor, the goal for 2024 was to create a unified space that connected OATI’s City of the Future concept with its surrounding “green” themed engagement areas designed by The Expo Group.

To ensure the client’s needs were met every step of the way, various teams at The Expo Group joined forces to approach tactical fabrication solutions and develop cohesive designs, keeping DISTRIBUTECH’s creative ideas at the forefront of the show and ultimately leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Creative Meets Cohesive

Creating the “City of the Future” is no small feat! The Expo Group worked with Clarion and partners to deliver an integrated city atmosphere, while analyzing what designs could be refurbished and elevated from previous years and envisioning new concepts where possible.

The Expo Group created accent props and 3D trees to frame the show floor and tie in each space to the theme. Complimentary textures were used in the designs and the brick path walkways connected each area to the next.

Inspiration Soars

The Meet Up Pavilion was an eye-catching space designed with DISTRIBUTECH’s transforming energy and smart city branding in mind. These colorful hanging kites accentuated the entire show floor.

Due to rising concerns about the design being labor intensive, The Expo Group’s warehouse and operations teams prepared ahead of the show with demo building and optimization strategies to allow for efficiency when building onsite.

Bright Lights, Bustling City

Attendees mingled in engaging spaces housed under thoughtfully themed designs that mimicked the planning architecture of many modern cities.

To heighten community engagement, this imagined recreational environment included charging lounges and T-Shirt activations along with lively spaces like Bark and Brews, where attendees could relax and even adopt a dog.

By incorporating these bright elements and layouts, the show floor shined with a fresh, energizing perspective for the DISTRIBUTECH community.