blue and white tradeshow booth with open floor plan, stair, and big NCS neon sign

National Carwash Solutions Wins “Best Booth” After Dreaming Up New Design


Las Vegas, NV


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Big Dreams.

Starting out in the industry as Ryko Manufacturing in 1973, National Carwash Solutions has become North America’s leading carwash provider thanks to hard work, quality, and innovation. Staying true to their ambitious goals, this year at The Carwash Show™ 2023, the NCS marketing team wanted to build their exhibit from the ground up for an impactful and exciting new look that matched their growing success. The Expo Group’s Senior Account Executive, Bryan Pullin, had the opportunity to work with the NCS Sr. Events Marketing Manager, Andrew Clark, and team to bring their vision to life on the tradeshow floor.

Design Elements

The NCS team wanted to highlight their new space with several key focal points including double deck flooring, hanging sign elements, extensive lighting, and LED components. Other features such as bitmapping and custom technical pieces were essential to create an immersive experience for the attendee. Presented with these unique customizations and a whopping 12,000 square feet of booth space to put them in, Pullin began to orchestrate a plan that would ultimately bring multiple players together to deliver a one-of-a-kind booth that left lasting impressions on the show floor. In order for this booth design to work, The Expo Group had to overcome a few challenges along the way. The double deck structure would prove to be a feat due to the angular nature of the build. Rigging and Fire Marshal restrictions needed to be carefully understood and regulated within the booth space. It was also critical that the large hanging signs were executed efficiently due to the number of pieces involved and the step-by-step process planned months prior.


In Motion

Preparation was key in developing this booth design. The Expo Group met with vendors as early as 6 months prior to the event to hammer out the details involved in making this a successful event for NCS. The Expo Group worked with NCS to make their vision of a bigger, better booth, possible.

Celebrating Success

Thanks to a team effort, the International Carwash Association presented NCS with the Brian Campbell Best Booth Award at The Car Wash Show™ 2023.

“Working with The Expo Group on designing and building the NCS booth was an incredibly positive experience! The project management process was smooth and thorough, and they continually provided exceptional customer service throughout the entire project.”

– Andrew Clark, NCS Sr. Events Marketing Manager

“Winning the Brian Campbell Best Booth award was an incredible experience that had many positive effects for NCS. It provided us with a huge boost in visibility and helped to convey the message that our products and services are the best in the industry.”