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UMass Amherst Inauguration


Amherst, MA


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To celebrate the inauguration of a new chancellor and engage stakeholders in propelling UMass Amherst forward, Level5 Events created two distinct events that took place on the same day. A formal daytime gathering featured celebratory remarks and the investiture ceremony, while a dynamic evening affair brimmed with inspiration and excitement for the future to come.

The Partnership

The inauguration provided a pivotal moment for the flagship campus at UMass to generate momentum by celebrating the institution’s past, present, and future and amplifying excitement for the new chancellor’s vision and leadership. The pair of events aimed to meaningfully engage stakeholders in collective experiences that instilled a sense of pride, belonging, and enthusiasm for the university’s trajectory.

The Details

Finding Equilibrium

The dual events balanced multiple considerations simultaneously: the pomp and circumstance of a formal ceremony paired with the dynamic evening celebration; reflections on the flagship campus, the UMass system, and the personal character of UMass Amherst’s new chancellor; and day-of logistics combined with strategic considerations for future events on campus. Through a strategic design process and seamless logistics, theatrical vignettes blended with formal presentations, artistic performances, and unexpected activations to deliver key messaging and unforgettable experiences.

Juggling Acts

The Level5 team embraced the complex challenges of producing two significant events in the same venue in a single day. Immediately after the formal ceremony’s conclusion, the Mullins Center arena’s look, feel, and setup were transformed to create an elegant dining area and four immersive lounges, which married university points of pride with the new chancellor’s values and personality. Each lounge engaged all the senses through clever staging and environmental decor, provided a hub for guests to connect, and centered a distinct theme right down to the food and drinks, which were crafted in-house by the award-winning UMass Dining.

Harmonious Unity

For institutions of higher education, it’s more important than ever to cultivate a sense of belonging among donors and alumni. Shared experiences are amplified as compared to solo experiences, so we executed a dynamic pair of events that invited audiences to deepen personal connections with each other and with UMass. Expert logistics and agile execution brought to life creative storytelling rooted in an overarching strategic plan. The end result? Memorable, moving, and harmoniously blended experiences that cultivated excitement for the future of UMass, strengthened the ties between UMass and its surrounding communities, and engaged the audience in uplifting their institution for years to come.