Crowd Density Calculator

Crowd Density Calculator

June 25th, 2020 3 Comments
Crowd Density Calculator

Crowd Density Calculator

Calculate your attendee capacity to maintain healthy distancing for trade shows and events. Our tool is provided here as we all start Moving Forward Together.

To use The Expo Group’s Crowd Density Calculator, enter your gross square footage, add any percentage desired for equipment and enter your preferred distancing level. Industry guidelines released recommend 28 square feet per person. This is almost double fire code regulations and thereby reduces capacity by more than 50%.

After that, be sure to add in exhibitor personnel and any staff that will be in the space to achieve your Attendee Capacity level. The Crowd Density Calculator input numbers can be adjusted as you work in different spaces. If the result calculation shows you do not have enough space, consider staggered entry procedures for attendees at ticketed times they choose or by simply scheduling alphabetically by name.

Crowd Density Calculator
Gross Square Footage:
Square Footage for Equipment, Furniture, etc.:
Square Footage Per Person: (IAEE/IAVM standard is 28sf)
Total Number of Exhibitor personnel:
Total Number of Staff (Yours and Contractors):
Expected Attendance:
Available Participant Capacity
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The Expo Group’s Crowd Density Calculator is also available as a widget to be added to your site for use by your partners.

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    1. Glad you are enjoying the tool. Interesting idea on using metric units. We will check with our developers. Thanks!

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