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Bolding Exploring.

How can a multi-national corporation educate its worldwide top executives about new company acquisitions? In partnership with Level5 Events, engineering and tech giant Jacobs created an immersive experiential tour of their entire worldwide corporation in their Reston, Virginia headquarters.

The Partnership

The Jacobs Global Tech Experience Center “Boldly Explore” started out as a seedling of an idea to support the launch of a new acquisition and kick off an international board of directors meeting. Jacobs asked Level5 Events to turn their ideas into tangible, interactive experiences in their lobby.

The Details

Experience Engineering

Level5 had a great time imagining the environment, as well as each of the interactive zones. Knowing the guests would be high-level international leaders who were predominantly engineers, Level5 carefully executed Jacobs branding. Bold use of lines and color brought the renders to reality.

Experiential Touring

Starting at the Passport station, international Jacobs executives moved through a “Boldly Explore” branded hall, following a floor cling path that led to five separate tech zones with demo stations and presentations: Divergent Solutions, National Security Platform, Transportation Platform, Water Platform, and Partnership Platform. The environment was immersive with Jacobs branded window, floor, and wall clings.

Delivering the Impossible

Jacobs now has an amazing custom-designed, hands-on environment full of demo stations, presentations, and displays. So impressed with the branded experience, Jacobs has decided to leave it in place, so that anyone can Boldy Explore for meetings, sales, and recruiting.