New SingleConnect™ by The Expo Group offers a streamlined
process to connect exhibitors with the right
resource for fast show-site support.

Using the SingleConnect™ Portal, this new system categorizes all exhibitor requests and automatically routes them to the right Expo Group support team member to enable a swift and efficient response.

SingleConnect gives exhibitors the help they need during the show and it offers peace of mind for show management knowing the show delivers a great experience for exhibitors and guests.

Part of the SingleConnect system includes texting and chat support for exhibitors.  Using this is easy.  Exhibitors can simply scan the SingleConnect text QR code found on show signage and the show website.  Then the text system will be ready to use for the duration of the show during normal show hours.

When it comes to offering industry-leading exhibitor and show management support, SingleConnect from The Expo Group delivers a premium experience that helps to ensure show success.

The SingleConnect™ text QR code

SingleConnect helps exhibitors eliminate the guesswork of whom
to contact for support and speeds up the response time
to ensure the best exhibitor experience.

Built for Exhibitors | Perfect for Show Managers

Frequently Asked Questions


Show Management

How do I use this system?

You will continue to contact The Expo Group show support team via your preferred method such as phone, email, text, chat, in person etc.  If you would like to use the text and chat feature, simply scan the QR code found on show signage and the show website to activate it.

When I call, text or chat, via the SingleConnect system, what can I request?

You can inquiry or request practically anything related to your show from ordering carpet or cleaning, to security, furniture and more.  You can track package status, deliveries, pay invoices and more.

Will the QR code be different for every show?

No, the same QR code applies to every show in which The Expo Group is the General Service Contractor.

Will exhibitors have to do anything different to take advantage of SingleConnect?

No, they can continue to use their same preferred methods of communication for making show requests

How do exhibitors gain access to specific show text system?

Exhibitors simply scan the SingleConnect QR code on show signage and the show website to gain access.

Does the Expo Group have materials that can be used to communicate this system to exhibitors?

Yes, click HERE to download the Exhibitor Toolkit of available materials.

Does it cost extra to have the SingleConnect system used during my show?

No, it’s included with The Expo Group service to enable a superior exhibitor experience.

Discover the power of and convenience of have an entire support
team at your fingertips with SingleConnect™.


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