Bringing your brand through the current crisis requires partners who have mastered design thinking and can support your community with Strategy, Production, Delivery and Insights. The Expo Group creates compelling experiences from Live to Virtual to Hybrid and back again with integrated event services offered turnkey or a la carte.


The right questions help set a strategic plan for your brand regarding a virtual, digital experience including revenue opportunities, participant journeys and creative storytelling.


Well-developed story arcs, broadcast-quality environments, content creation, speaker management and more are delivered by our experienced team of production professionals. 


Being agnostic to platform vendors keeps the focus on the right messaging being delivered in the right format at the right times to all your participants. 

Insights ​

Post-event analytics are delivered to optimize data and transition online participants to future face-to-face attendees.


Let The Expo Group help guide you through transitioning your event to both on site and online.

Our Integrated Event Consultation includes:


        • Time to define objectives, must-haves and expected outcomes based on your audience needs.


        • Roadmap summarizing findings, resources needed and how to reach those objectives

Our team knows virtual may be just a stepping stone on your brand’s omnichannel marketing path.

Let’s make the most of it TODAY, and prepare for TOMORROW, working TOGETHER.



Transform Attendees Into Engaged Participants

The need to transform live events and trade shows into virtual ones has received a lot of reaction in the global pandemic. It’s time to get proactive about bringing a better online experience to attendees.

Digital is not going away. As we all adapt to a more robust life online, the content that event organizers present and how it is presented will become even more important. Discover how you can help audiences engage with you past the barrier of their computer monitor or laptop screen – especially now when they are no longer present with all their senses in a room with hundreds or thousands of others…

Best Practices for Hybrid and Virtual Events

Events and trade shows are traditionally a face-to-face experience, but how can broader audiences be engaged and transformed? Our downloadable guide provides a path to embracing technology as an enhancement to achieve an organization’s goals and objectives.

Tips To Keep In Mind

As you ponder your institution’s foray onto the digital road or into the virtual space, we offer the following tips to help you plot your route.

  • Storytelling remains paramount – How you express information will drive the success of the event – just as it does in person.
  • Shorter is sweeter – Length of the event, regardless of how well you produce it or the stories you tell, should be kept tight.
  • Elevate your presentation – Attendees now expect the same levels of finish and professionalism for online events as in-person.
  • Acknowledge different learning styles – Offer interactive and passive program elements because we all receive information differently.
  • Know your audiences – Collect demographic and psychographic information through pre-, during and post event activities and then adjust future events accordingly.

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